Our approach

We want all children and young people to achieve their full potential and live a fulfilling life. Placing children and young people who need protection in loving, supportive families is part of how we can support them  into growing into happy, healthy adults.

Our relationship with you

The ‘key’ in our name reflects our belief that foster carers are the most important drivers for change in the lives of the children they look after. This is why it is essential all our foster families get the training and support they need to deal with the everyday ups and downs of fostering.

When you foster with us, we will work together on all aspects of your foster child’s care. We also give you access to 24/7 support, all the training you need and help from our team of managers, social workers, therapists and other support staff.

Key Care Team

A team approach is the key to achieving the best outcomes for at risk and vulnerable children and young people. At its core a Key Care Team ensures all the players work collaboratively, the pieces fitting together to form the whole picture. Working together we make the Key Care Team more than the sum of its parts.

Within Key Assets, the Social Worker is the key to holding the puzzle together and ensuring all pieces connect and work for the best interests of the child and family.

The Key Care Team is made up of the necessary and important services, support and people who work collaboratively to create a nurturing, caring and therapeutic environment to achieve safety, stability and wellbeing for the child.