Happy Mothers Day

As the kids prepare their handmade cards, and pancakes made with hopefully sugar and not
salt, we say Happy Mother’s Day.

To all of the mums, foster mums and mother figures out there, we wish you the very best
day filled with lots of love and attention.

Whether it’s your first Mother’s Day, or your 10th, we want you to remember that you are
so special. Thank you for being our rocks, our role models and our friends. Thank you for
inspiring us to do our best and pushing us to succeed. Today is all about you!

From us here at Key Assets, we want you to all know that you are so valued. You have made
such a big difference in the lives of the children in your care. You have changed the course
of their lives and given them a second chance. Nothing you do goes unnoticed, and we
cannot begin to express how much we appreciate you.

So, to you all, we wish you the very best Mother’s Day filled with great company, and
endless love and appreciation.
For all of the kids out there looking for craft ideas for mum – visit https://www.thebestideasforkids.com/mothers-day-crafts-for-kids/
Happy Mother’s Day!