International Siblings Day

Saturday the 10th of April is International Sibling Day. A day where those of us with siblings can celebrate what will most likely be the longest and most enduring relationships in our lifetime. It is with our siblings that we will share a deep family connection through shared memories and experiences, shared joys, and sorrows, and of course milestones and celebrations.

Unfortunately for many children, the opportunity to grow up in the same house as their siblings is not on offer. In Australia, more than a third of children and young people in out-of-home care are separated from their brothers and sisters. This separation coincides with a loss of identity, safety and belonging, and will have a significant impact on more than just their childhood but potentially their lifetime.

We at Key Assets understand that brothers and sisters who are placed together will achieve better outcomes in relationships, health, wellbeing, and education. Importantly sibling placements tend to experience greater stability and possess a greater sense of identity, safety, and connection.

Sadly, despite the well documented benefits of keeping brothers and sisters in care together, it is not always easy to find loving homes that can accommodate a sibling group. If you feel you have the love, space, and energy to provide a safe and happy home, then we would love to talk to you about the options of a weekend or a week here or there, short term or long-term care.

If there is room in your heart and in your home, and you would like to learn more, then we encourage to contact our recruitment team. The first step is to complete our short eligibility questionnaire  to find out if you meet the requirements to apply.

On the 10th of April, be sure to reach out and connect with your own brothers and sisters and say, “Happy Sibling Day”.