Mindful in May

Deep breaths, concentration and full immersion into your mind. Centre yourself this May with 10 minutes of peace and clarity every day. Mindful in May is the world’s largest annual online mindfulness fundraising campaign. The campaign raises money for charity by encouraging everyone to practice mindful meditation.

There’s no doubt that we’ve all had to deal with stressful situation in our lives, and in the past year especially. Mindful in May encourages everyone to take 10 minutes to themselves to meditate and develop more effective techniques for managing their stress.

The movement aims at addressing two global health issues, the first being mental health, and the other being the global water crisis.

When it comes to mental health, one important factor is stress. In Australia, 2 in 3 people have experiences personal stressors in the past 12 months. The movement is designed to help people develop techniques so they can better manage the impact these stressors have on their health and wellbeing.

The second health issue is the global water crisis, particularly in the developing world. One in nine people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. Being a part of the movement helps to provide this access through donations and awareness.
Become a part of Mindful in May by taking 10 minutes to focus on transforming your mind, body and soul. Become more aware, clear and at peace. Learn techniques from world’s leading mindfulness experts to help you become calm and clear in everyday life.

To find out more about Mindful in May, visit: https://www.mindfulinmay.org