National Safe Work Month

October is National Safe Work Month. National Safe Work Month is an important initiative to help reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries in Australian workplaces. This month is all about encouraging workplaces to focus on implementing great workplace health and safety practices, to keep their employees safe.

Workplace injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence in Australia. On average, Australians spend 1/3 of their lives at work. A busy working life is unpredictable, and with the changing landscape of COVID-19, lockdowns, and working from home, this has brought a new element for workplace injuries. Good workplace health and safety practice and risk management have become more important than ever. No job or workplace should be unsafe from physical or psychological harm, and no injury is acceptable.

This month there is special focus on safety in your workplace, to reduce injury, diseases, and death. The theme for National Safe Work Month this year is Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe.

National Safe Work was first established in 2005 and celebrated over a week to increase awareness of health and safety. The week has now been extended to the month of October, as this initiative became key in raising community awareness and knowledge into work health and safety.

There are a number of ways you can get involved in National Safe Work Month. There are many campaigns and events that you can attend. These can be run by community members, or at your workplace. If you find that your business is not hosting any events, then why not take the opportunity to promote a vibrant safety culture yourself. By setting an example of strong leadership, you will be showing a way that safety outcomes can be achieved within your organisation. You could also conduct a safety workshop, host a session with a guest speaker on safety within the workplace, distribute information about your business’ commitment to safety, launch a new health and wellbeing initiative, or host a morning tea.

While National Safe Work Month happens once a year, workplace health and safety should remain a priority all year around. Get your workplace involved and continue to reinforce your health and safety message to ensure work health and safety is constantly adhered to, and not forgotten!

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