Please note that the below services may not currently be delivered in all states of Australia. For more information, please contact your local office.

All children and young people have the right to a safe, stable and permanent home life. Our Families for Life service makes sure all foster children and young people get what they need.

Our first priority is for children to live with their birth parents. Where this isn’t safe or possible, we find adoptive families or guardians who match each child’s needs. The aim is always to give a child or young person a family for life. That means a safe, stable home where they can express who they are, feel like they belong and focus on their future.

Our Families for Life service helps to give children a permanent family life through a range of services across New South Wales.

Family preservation

We help parents become more confident, connected to their community and able to support their child’s wellbeing. The goal is to help to keep children and their parents living safely together.


Our restoration team helps parents, family members, carers and other people involved in a child’s life make the changes they need to so their child can come home.


Sometimes, guardianship is the best option for a child. We engage the child, their parents, other family members and potential guardians when we explore this option.

Open adoption

When adoption could be best for a child or young person, we explore this with them, their parents, their other family and potential adoptive parents.

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