World Childrens Day

Friday 20 November is World Children’s Day. This day celebrates the promotion of children, their wellbeing and their rights. On this day in 1959 the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted and in 1989 the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This is a critical document that shapes how we think about children across the world, across Australia and across Tasmania. Nowhere is this statement more important than when children are living in foster care.

In 2010 the United Nations published another critical document, Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children. This document says of siblings that:
“Siblings with existing bonds should in principle not be separated by placements in alternative care unless there is a clear risk of abuse or other justification in the best interests of the child”.

Too often in foster care, sibling groups have been separated for reasons of logistics and convenience. Thankfully in Tasmania we have the sibling group care dedicated program run by Key Assets which aims to keep siblings together in foster care.

Caroline Brown, Director of Key Assets says that Key Assets has today published its Sibling Care Statement, which outlines what we believe and will do to protect and preserve the sibling relationship when children enter foster care.

Caroline Brown says that bringing children into foster care is a stressful experience and that this stress is alleviated by being with your brothers and sisters. She says that maintaining our connections with our brothers and sisters supports the development of other positive relationships in children’s lives such as those with foster carers, friends and family.
Caroline says that children who stay together in foster care are far more likely to be reunified with family and that this often can occur more quickly.

“The Key Assets Sibling Care Statement summarises what we know and believe about sibling group relationships and most importantly details what we will do to preserve those relationships.

I encourage all people involved in the foster care system to consider these statements and never to underestimate the impact of their actions on children who need alternative care. Siblings really are for life” Caroline said.

Download Sibling Care Statement – Key Assets Tasmania

For further information, please contact Caroline Brown, Director for Key Assets Tasmania on 0438 838 948 or email