The Martin James Foundation

Key Assets The Children’s Services Provider was co-founded in 2007. One of the founders, Jim Cockburn, has recently launched the Martin James Foundation to create a lasting legacy through significant projects around the world aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and families.


To promote family based solutions for vulnerable young people and their families through knowledge sharing, research and supporting of global projects


Provision of technical support, advice, training and resources to organisations seeking to improve the lives of vulnerable young people and their families
Creation of regional centres of excellence globally to share learning and best practice
Provision and access to training and resources to support practitioners through conferences, webinars, and an online suite of tools and resources
Links with learning institutions dedicated to research in to improving outcomes for children and families

Partner Organisations

The Martin James Foundation currently partners with the following organisations to deliver global projects, through partnering with organisations around the world the Martin James Foundation is able to work with multinational donor organisations and grassroots NGOs to deliver successful and sustainable projects in some of the most challenging locations globally.


The Martin James Foundation will be taking on all existing philanthropic projects undertaken personal by Jim Cockburn and in addition all CSR and charity projects currently carried out by Key Assets Group. This include work actively being done across 14 countries which is aimed at meeting the mission and goals of the Martin James Foundation.

Foster care Provision Bulgaria

(Partnership with For Our Children)

• Long standing relationship between Key Assets Group and For Our Children (FOC) Bulgaria
• FOC were the first NGO in Bulgaria to start foster care on a small scale
• Continued support provided through provision of resource and training
• Provision of training resources and materials to support the work of social workers contracted by FOC
• Knowledge sharing will continue to allow FOC to maintain existing foster care placements

The Hope Centre – Jordan

(Partnership with Arabian Medical Relief and Human Relief Foundation)

• Allied Healthcare Centre based in Zaatari refugee camp Jordan the first camp based allied healthcare centre in the world
• Delivering a complete holistic solution for all children within Zaatari refugee camp
• Working in partnership with Human Relief Foundation a UK based iNGO and significant donor and also Arabian Medical Relief a Jordanian based NGO specifically focussing on supporting refugees within Jordan.
• Care focused around psychiatric needs and long term developmental needs of displaced children
• Currently treating 225 registered patients with 78% family involvement in treatment plans

Establishing a Centre of Excellence in Family and Alternative based care – India

(Partnership with Centre of Excellence in Alternative Care (India))

• Working with a leading group of professionals in India to establish a centre of excellence for alternative and family based care that covers all of India
• Developing a concise localised training manual for social work practitioners in partnership with the Indian government
• Delivering training across India on all aspects of child protection and alternative and family based care

Fostering First Asia – South East Asia

(Partnership with The Nippon Foundation (Japan))

• Working across 11 countries to understand and develop the current national position of family based care across South East Asia
• Working to launch an annual Asian focused conference that will work to network and allow an exchange of best practice between South East Asian focussed organisations
• Providing an online portal for grassroots organisations to explore and exchange best practices in family based care across South East Asia.

Research Project into the study of Forced Migration and Gender

(Partnership with The University of Oxford (England))

• Funding a 4 year research project focussing on forced migration and the impact of gender specifically in children at The University of Oxford
• Working on ground breaking research to work on better planning for large scale forced migration in the future
• Working on delivering research that will help guide organisations on how better to respond to humanitarian crisis in the future
• Working to ensure that research produced affects global policy and has long lasting positive influence

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