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News5 surprising facts about a career with Key Assets

5 surprising facts about a career with Key Assets

Are you interested in a career with Key Assets, but not quite sure what we’re all about?

Who is Key Assets?

First things first, we’d love to introduce ourselves. We are Key Assets, and we provide services in foster care, disability support and family support. Our people boast a variety of skills, experience and education levels. But we’re all united by one common goal: the desire to contribute to a better future for children, families and communities.

1. Our support network extends across Australia - and internationally

We’re a big organisation with a humble heart. While you’ll always have team members close by, you’ll also learn from colleagues across the country. Key Assets works in partnership with Martin James Foundation, a global charitable group delivering services and support across Europe, Asia Pacific and Canada. We’re also in every state in Australia, and Norfolk Island.

With such an extensive network, there will always be someone to support you, whether you’re looking for career development, professional advice, or a friend to lean on after a hard day.

2. We have a huge range of career opportunities available

We employ a range of people - some with qualifications, industry experience or pure passion. From our allied health professionals, social workers and support workers, to business support, corporate services, independent assessors and leadership roles, there’s plenty of opportunity to establish your career here.

Whatever your goals, we’re excited to help you achieve them. Whether you want to keep up with best practice training in your current area, upskill into a new role, or gain experience in one of our other locations, we’ll work with you to build the career you want.

3. We’re genuinely committed to diversity and inclusion. They’re not just buzzwords - it’s who we are

For us, creating a team that is diverse and inclusive is important - not just for our people and working environment, but also for the children, families and communities we serve. When a child is supported by a person who understands their social and cultural background, it helps them feel safe and recognised.

With around one quarter of our client group identifying as First Nations people, it’s essential that all our team members are supported to develop cultural confidence, respect and understanding. That’s why we’re committed to our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), recognising that we have a long way to go on our journey of reconciliation and effective action must be taken to see progress.

As an Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) award-winning organisation, we are recognised as a leader in LGBTQI+ workplace inclusion. We incorporate diversity at all levels of our organisation, and hope that anyone working with us feels a sense of connection and belonging.

4. We want you to love your life, at work and at home

To bring your best self to work, we believe you need to feel fulfilled in your life outside of work, too. Key Assets has a range of generous leave policies, plus a host of other support services and regular support from your team or manager.

We’ll work with you to find the balance that works for you. Want to stop at the park on your way home and type your case notes in the fresh air? You got it. Are you looking for a casual role to suit your current family needs but aiming for a permanent role down the road? We’ll help you reach that goal. Of course, this balance will be dependent on the role or team you’re in - but it’s always a conversation we’re willing to have.

5. We’re a deeply human organisation at heart

Whatever your role at Key Assets, you’ll contribute to our purpose of serving children, families and communities. While this is a wonderful purpose, there’ll be some challenges along the way. But what might surprise you is how many great outcomes you’ll get to be a part of.

Ask any person at Key Assets, “Are there any moments you’re really proud of?” and they will always point to the people we serve. It might be helping a child pronounce a word correctly for the first time, safely reuniting a child with their biological family, or equipping a person with a disability with the tools to build their independence.

We know you’ll have challenging days, and we’ll support you through them. But we also want to celebrate the happy moments with you. At Key Assets, you’ll make a real difference - and you’ll be acknowledged for it.

Are you interested in exploring a career with Key Assets?

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Key Assets Australia is a non-government, not for profit, non-religious, children, family and community services agency. Our purpose is to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children, families, and communities.

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