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Child Protection Week

Every child deserves strong foundations to help them thrive and become who they are meant to be.

Every child in every community needs a fair go. Whether this ‘fair go’ is represented by access to education, a support network, or a stable home environment to learn and grow. Every child deserves strong foundations to help them thrive and become who they are meant to be.

5-11th September is National Child Protection Week. This week is about addressing child abuse and neglect and helping to ensure children have stable environments to prosper.

Abuse, whether it be physical or emotional, can have a lifelong impact on everyone involved. For children, it can cause emotional and behavioural issues, which can cause further problems for them throughout their lives. Child protection week is about addressing the issue, and educating society on the impact abuse has. It is important that we have these conversations to ensure children are given the opportunities and lives they deserve.

The theme of Child Protection Week this year is ‘every child in every community needs a fair go’. Not all children have equal opportunities. Some families do not have access to resources that can help children thrive. This is why we need to support every child, family and community according to their needs. This will then create a healthier, fairer Australia for all children.

As carers, our first priority is to ensure our children are safe. We educate them about safety online, in schools, at home and out in the community. The most important thing we can stress is for children to report situations which make them feel uncomfortable. We need to ensure that they feel safe enough that they can tell us when they don’t.

Through education and conversation we can minimise the risk of child abuse. We need to work together to create a safe and fair environment, because protecting children is everyone’s business.
In Queensland, Child Protection Week is coordinated by the Protection Week Committee under the auspicing body of ACT for Kids. In other states, NAPCAN runs National Child Protection Week. For further resources, visit: Queensland Child Protection Week or NAPCAN

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