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NewsHumans of Key Assets - Emily and Victoria

Humans of Key Assets - Emily and Victoria

Team Manager Emily Brown and Social Worker Victoria Andreevska search for carers for a 10 day old baby

We have some amazing humans at Key Assets who work tirelessly to make a difference to the lives of children and families. In mid 2021, KAA NSW Team Manager Emily Brown and Social Worker Victoria Andreevska heard of a 10-day old Indigenous baby needing a placement urgently. Other agencies had been contacted to assist but no one had carers available, and it was said that the baby would most likely end up within an alternative care arrangement. The team identified a temporary foster carer and the baby was picked up from hospital the next day.
The baby was described as being smaller than a Pepsi bottle, needing blankets and towels to fit into his car seat. The baby had significant exposure to substances, however presented as a happy and healthy newborn.

The team were conscious of the baby’s indigenous background and of their age and felt he needed someone who was younger and able to take him long-term should restoration fail.

A carer had just become available after supporting a sibling group reunification and the baby was placed in their care. The two carers spent time together so the new carer could learn the baby’s routine and have continued to have a relationship and referring to the first carer as grandmother.

Intensive support continued to be provided to the baby’s mother. The mother has experienced complex trauma and made decisions which resulted in DCJ making the decision that restoration was not viable.

Victoria and a DCJ caseworker searched through numerous historic affidavits, that related to mother and other family members. They searched social media and ChildStory for contact details on each family member. Through this Victoria found active indigenous carers with another agency in Northern NSW. Victoria contacted the agency and asked to contact the carers. The agency explained that these carers are caring for the baby’s first cousin and would be delighted to take him. The carers live on country and are well respected within their community.

The baby’s last day in Sydney and with KAA NSW before being reunited with his family earlier this year. The assisting agency have explained that they will ensure the mother is connected and have offered to support her move to Northern NSW. Should the mother move, she will be surrounded by safe family and community members who have voiced wanting to support her.

Key Assets respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land

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