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NewsMen's Health Week 2022

Men's Health Week 2022

Men’s Health Week is an important opportunity to highlight men’s health

Fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, friends, and cousins. These are some of the most important men in our lives. And what’s even more important is their health. Men’s Health Week is an important opportunity to highlight men’s health and what it means to be healthy.

The week is about increasing awareness of preventable health problems and encouraging early detection. From 14 June – 20 June, many businesses and governmental organisations will put a particular emphasis on Men’s health and promoting healthy lifestyles.

The theme of Men's Health Week 2022 is Building Healthy Environments for Men and Boys - focusing on creating physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy environments in the home, workplace and in social settings.

Good health is about being the best you can be in your situation. It’s important to prioritise your physical, emotional, and social health by staying connected and seeking support early if something is wrong. During the week, we highlight the health challenges faced by men in Australia and worldwide and run events that can be replicated all year-round to improve the physical, emotional, and mental health of men and boys.

So be sure to take the opportunity this Men’s Health Week to highlight the importance of men's health, and to promote and support the health and wellbeing of men and boys in our communities.

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