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What Does Self-Isolation Really Mean?

Self-­isolation isn’t just about staying home; it’s about looking after each other, and minimising the spread of Covid-­‐19

During this time, it’s important to only leave the house for essential services such as medical appointments and supermarket runs.

The idea of being isolated can be stressful, but with a few simple tips and tricks, it can be a fun and engaging time for the whole family to enjoy. There’s no need for self-­‐isolation to be boring, with many games, puzzles and books lurking around the house, or imaginative activities outside waiting for children to create.

Use isolation as an opportunity to relax and do activities that you often don’t have time for. But first, it’s important to continue with daily routines such as waking up at an agreed time in the morning, eating meals at regular intervals, and going to bed on time.

In conjunction with your daily routine, following are a few activities that your family could do during isolation.

Work and Homework. Arranging a quiet time so that everyone is able to keep on track with his or her workload. Ensure children are keeping up to date with their curriculum and homework, so they remain on track upon their return to school.

Active Play. Even in isolation, it’s important to keep active. One active thing every day is a good way to keep fit, healthy, and entertained. Ask the kids to make up a dance or exercise routine, which gets the family moving and grooving, or even ask them to make up a new game to let their imagination go wild. If they aren’t too into creating their own games,‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ has some great yoga routines suitable for children 3+:

Arts and Crafts. Whether it is painting, origami, drawing or some other supplies you’ve found around the house, arts and crafts can be a fun and interactive opportunity for the family to draw and create. ‘All Kids Network’ also has some educational worksheets that are free to download.

Picnic in the Garden. Having a meal outside can be a fun variation on mealtime. Ask the kids to cut up some seasonal fruit, or make some sandwiches that you can take outside and enjoy in the fresh air. Do the kids want to improve their culinary skills even more? See if they want to try a recipe from ‘Nomster Chef’ for your family picnic:

Garden Creature Nature Hunt. What creatures can you find in your backyard? Maybe it’s a bumblebee in search of nectar, or a hungry caterpillar eating its way through the leaves. A garden creature hunt can be fun for all ages! There are plenty of worksheets that can be downloaded from online, or you could even make your own during craft time!

So during isolation, get creating and moving, and enjoy your time with your family!

Do you or your family have any other activities that you have planned during isolation? Leave a comment and share with everyone!

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