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NewsKeep talking on Wear it Purple Day!

Keep talking on Wear it Purple Day!

The theme of this year’s Wear It Purple Day is Start the Conversation…Keep it Going.

At Key Assets, we are passionate about making a positive difference for young people everywhere. So of course, we are excited to support Wear It Purple Day on 27th August!

Katherine Hudson and Scott Williams started the Wear It Purple not-for-profit in 2010. They were heartbroken by the number of young people taking their life due to bullying about their sexuality and/or gender identity.

They wanted to show young gender diverse or LGBTIQ+ (“rainbow young people”) everywhere that there is hope, that they have the right to be themselves, and that they are supported and accepted.

We here at Key Assets could not agree more!

The day is loads of fun with lots of events and activities, but the issue is very serious. An astounding 75% of LGBTIQ+ youth experience some discrimination, while 61% experience verbal abuse and 19% experience physical bullying.

Depression is a major issue as well, with 24.4% of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and 36.2% of trans Australians, experiencing depression. Something obviously needs to change.

The theme of this year’s Wear It Purple Day is Start the Conversation…Keep it Going. It focuses on the important and necessary conversations we need to have about sexual orientation and gender identity, not just on one special day, but every day.

This year, the Wear it Purple team want to encourage more discussion about pronouns and gender affirmation, as well as inclusive language. Storytelling is also very powerful.

So, on 27th August, be sure to wear purple to show our young LGBTIQ community that they are loved and supported. You can also make a donation to help the team continue to support young people who are most at risk.

Donations pay for more resources, initiatives, and events, particularly in schools where this message needs to be spread. You can find out more and donate on the Wear It Purple website.

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