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NewsWhy an inclusive workplace culture is the KEY to a better future

Why an inclusive workplace culture is the KEY to a better future

Creating an inclusive workplace culture benefits both our staff and the people we support

Key Assets provides services to a diverse range of communities, families and children, and we employ people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to deliver those services. Creating an inclusive workplace culture benefits both our staff and the people we support, and we all have a part to play in shaping a better future.

Who is Key Assets?

First things first, we’d love to introduce ourselves. We are Key Assets, and we provide services in foster care, disability support and family support. Our people boast a variety of skills, experience and education levels. But we’re all united by one common goal: the desire to contribute to a better future for children, families and communities.

What is diversity and Inclusion?

At Key Assets, we embrace diversity and inclusion in our services and our people. But what does this really mean? It’s not enough to simply say “we value diversity and inclusion” on a web page or “we encourage applicants of all backgrounds to apply” in a job ad. We’re moving beyond the buzzwords and taking real action.

At every level of our organisation, we’re improving our inclusive practices - and we have solid social policies in place to keep us accountable. We want every person at Key Assets to feel a sense of belonging because we know it will have a positive effect on how our people feel and perform at work, as well as the people we serve. The children, young people and adults we care for deserve to feel safe and nurtured. When we have an understanding of their identity, culture and experiences, we’re able to provide a better service and work towards more positive outcomes.

We’re passionate about ensuring a more equal environment in our organisation, but we also acknowledge the journey ahead of us. To enact real change, we need people who share our vision for progress and are willing to challenge the status quo. When you join the Key Assets team, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to positively contribute to our future. One area we are particularly focused on growing is our inclusion and support for First Nations people.

More than a word: Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Key Assets recognises that reconciliation is not always a comfortable journey. Yet it’s what is needed to create a shared understanding and acknowledgement of Australia’s First Nations cultures and histories.

Our first RAP was established in 2015, and although we’ve made progress, we know we have a long way to go. We support children and young people to stay connected with their culture, and actively work to support our foster carers and children to learn about and maintain their cultural identity. We believe we can achieve this by partnering with First Nations organisations and community groups, and by encouraging First Nations people to join our team. Here, you’ll find training, support and opportunities to grow your career.

When you join the Key Assets team, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the development of our resources and practices. In a recent example, staff in our Family Support and Wellbeing service provided valuable input into the creation of a telepractice resource, “Child safety conversations using telepractice with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families: A guide for workers” - a project led by the Parenting Research Centre and Karitane.

We’re also expanding our services and recently opened an office in the East Kimberley. Working in partnership with Wunan Foundation and Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal Corporation, we provide intensive support to vulnerable families. Here, you’ll find an opportunity to get involved in the best practice service design method of “service mapping”, enabling communities to make informed decisions on services.

There are plenty more exciting projects to get involved in when you join the Key Assets team. And if there’s something you think we should be working on, we’ll encourage you to let us know. Change is necessary, but we can’t do it without you.

Join us on our journey to building a more inclusive future

Key Assets respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land

Key Assets Australia is a non-government, not for profit, non-religious, children, family and community services agency. Our purpose is to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children, families, and communities.

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