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National Unity Week

Australia is a country home to many different cultures, faiths, and religions. Our diversity makes up the people of our country...

Australia is a country home to many different cultures, faiths, and religions. Our diversity makes up the people of our country, and ultimately creates our upbringing, experiences, knowledge, and the person and community that we are today. To celebrate our multicultural community, from 23 October 2021 to 31 October 2021 we will be celebrating National Unity Week.

National Unity Week began in 2014 in response to unfortunate reports of discrimination and violence arising in specific communities. The Lebanese Muslim Association and Welcoming Australia group united together to create a week to understand each other’s cultures and religion and celebrate and respect each other’s values. Today, the week is better known as National Unity Week and is celebrated every year in October with a purpose to share, celebrate, and learn about one another’s faith and culture.

We are all human at the end of the day with the same vision; however, we may practise different cultures, religions, and eat diverse foods from day to day. Australia wants to ensure everybody has a sense of belonging and acceptance in the community, and everyone is aware of each other’s culture. Exposing the learnings and displaying unity will help build a better nation for our future generations.

To get involved in National Unity Week, try and get involved in any community events. This could be an inter-cultural or inter-faith event. You will be sure to learn something new about another religion or culture. You could even attend a different faith’s place of worship such as a church, mosque, or temple.

Experiencing other culture’s food or cultural events is another way to expose yourself and get involved. We promise that not only will you be immersing yourself in a great initiation and cause, but you will also have so much fun in the process. To find out more about National Unity Week visit:

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