Can I foster?

Sometimes, we need to find a safe place for a child to stay at very short notice. Emergency placements last for a few nights, to a few weeks. Sometimes such placements are needed in the middle of the night or on weekends.

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Why do children need Emergency Foster Care?

Sometimes children are removed from unsafe situations and taken into care at little or no notice. They immediately need a foster home to give them warm welcoming care.

Being taken from home and family in these circumstances is traumatic for children and they are often distressed, frightened, and confused when they come to emergency foster care. Emergency Foster Carers usually need to be available to take a child at any time though you can let us know when there are times you are not going to be available.

Duration of care

Children may stay with Emergency Foster Carers for one or two nights or for several days while plans are made for them.

How we support our carers

Being a foster carer is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding things you’ll ever do. It truly is a life-changing experience – not just for you and your family, but for the children you help too. At Key Assets, you will never be alone in facing those challenges and celebrating the rewards. The support we offer will guide you through the ups and downs of fostering.

24/7 support

We are there for you and you can talk to a member of our team whenever you need to. Even outside office hours we have a staff member always on call so help is just at the end of the phone.

Social Worker

You and your social worker will have regular contact. You will collaborate in finding the most effective ways of responding to the needs of the child in your care.

Respite care

All foster carers need a rest sometimes. Respite carers will look after the child in your care for short periods so you can get some time and space to yourself with your family. We try and place the child with the same Respite Carer each time so they get to know each other.

Financial support

You will receive a non-taxable Foster Care Subsidy to help support the child. This allowance varies between states as, in some states, it is decided not by Key Assets but by the state government. The subsidy will also depend on the type of foster care you are doing and the needs of the child in your care.

Support groups

There’s nothing like sharing stories, experiences and information with fellow foster carers. We organise regular foster carer groups to help you build a network of people who can share the rewarding experiences and who also understand when the going gets tough.

Support workers

Depending on the placement, we will assign skilled support workers to the child or young person if they need extra help. For example, Support Workers might work with a child struggling at school, who needs help with building life skills such as shopping or handling money, or attending a sports group.

Activities and days out

Having fun and learning as a family is great for your relationships. We organise social, cultural, sporting and educational activities for your whole family to get involved in.

Psychological Support

Your health and well-being is very important. All our Foster Carers and their immediate families have access to our Employee Assistance service which you can use anonymously and at no charge.

Ongoing training

Your professional development as a foster carer is extremely important. We provide training across all aspects of foster care to help you build your skills and knowledge in working with children who have suffered harm.

Cultural support

Carers looking after Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children are expected to keep those children closely in touch with their culture. The same is true for children of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We will provide you with the help and resources so you can do this.

Key Care Team®

Our Key Care Team combines all the people around the child or young person in foster care. This will include Key Assets Social Worker and Therapist and also departmental and health workers. The Foster Carer is included as an important member of the team. The idea is that all members communicate with each other, work together, and share the same goals and priorities for the child.

Association memberships

We’ll help you join the fostering association in the state in which you live.

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