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Support respite

Respite carers will provide breaks so you can get some time and space to yourself.

Foster Carers need a break from time to time to spend time with family or just to have time to yourself. Key Assets Respite Carers provide a safe, loving temporary home for foster child for a weekend or a few days in the school holidays or perhaps longer if you need it.

Ideally, children will go to the same Respite Carer each time so that they get to know each other and the respite break becomes a normal part of life for the child. The regular Foster Carer and Respite Carer communicate and ensure the child’s needs are well catered for.

Respite Carers are assessed and approved just like full time Carers and offered the same support and training. You may have thought of becoming a Respite Care yourself. Sometimes people start off as Respite Carers to build their confidence before they become a full time Carers. We are happy to talk with you about that.

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