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Support for carers

We are with you every step of the way. We offer excellent 24/7 support to all our carers.

Being a foster carer is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding things you’ll ever do. It truly is a life-changing experience – not just for you and your family, but for the children you help too.

At Key Assets, you will never be alone in facing those challenges and celebrating the rewards. The support we offer will guide you through the ups and downs of fostering.


Foster care training is a vital part of the service we give to all our carers. When you foster with us, we help you feel empowered, confident, and capable in your role as a foster parent with plenty of high-quality training.

We even start the foster care training process before you get your first placement so you know what to expect and feel prepared from the start.


We value all the hard work you do as a foster carer, however we understand it isn’t always easy. The support we offer means that you will always have someone to talk to or help you through the ups and downs of fostering.

Our support services are designed to be flexible and open to your whole family. We believe a supported foster family is a stable family.


When you foster a child or young person with us, you’ll get regular foster care payments in the form of a non-taxable allowance. These foster care payments are to cover your foster child’s living costs including food, clothes, basic travel, household bills, pocket money, Christmas and birthday presents, and days out.

How much you get in foster care payments usually depends on the type of placement you have, your foster child’s age and how much extra care they need.

Respite Care

Foster Carers need a break from time to time to spend time with family or just to have time to yourself.

Key Assets Respite Carers provide a safe, loving temporary home for foster child for a weekend or a few days in the school holidays or perhaps longer if you need it.

Carer Networking

Foster Caring could be one of the most rewarding life experiences you will have. At times, it may also be one of the most challenging.

Key Assets provides a range of support for our highly valued Carers. But one of your best sources of support will be other Carers. So we offer networking opportunities and encourage all our Carers to link up with others.

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