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Carer networking

Key Assets offers networking opportunities and encourage all our Carers to link up with others.

Foster Caring could be one of the most rewarding life experiences you will have. At times, it may also be one of the most challenging. Key Assets provides a range of support for our highly valued Carers. But one of your best sources of support will be other Carers. So we offer networking opportunities and encourage all our Carers to link up with others.

Attending Carer Groups are a very good way to get to know other Carers. There’s nothing like sharing stories, experiences and information with fellow foster carers. We organise regular carer groups to help you build a network of people who can share the rewarding experiences and who also understand when the going gets tough.

Key Assets offers a comprehensive range of training for our Carers. Attending training sessions and sharing the learning journey is another good way to connect with others.

Key Assets will also assist you with joining your state foster and kinship carer association. That will give you opportunities to meet carers from other agencies and open up more social and learning events for you.
And of course, you will appreciate the support from family and friends when you are a Carer and those networks are very important to maintain.

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